If you stuck with tradition, it’s likely that you still have scraps of wrapping paper around your Christmas tree. After all, yesterday was the big day to explore all the treasures waiting there. For some, it was all about Santa and presents. For others, it was about the birthday of the Savior of the world. Either way, it was a great day to share with those you love. So, what’s next? What happens on the first day after Christmas?

For me, the Santa track is sweet and fills a desire within me for people to be more thoughtful and generous to each other. I want Santa to exist in the hearts of those who do their best to love and honor others. But, as I move away from the twinkling lights and the warm memories of family and friends, I want something more, something deeper. I want to keep seeking the truth, the wisdom, and the understanding of the bigger picture, the design that God initiated and the one that He still controls. I want to travel with the wisemen, those astronomers who had studied the skies, waiting for the day when the Messiah would be born. I want to feel the anticipation and the hope they must have felt as they followed the most incredible star they had ever seen, for perhaps 900 miles. They were willing to cross the desert sands, face the difficulties of thieves that lurked behind the rocks and shadows, and go toward that manger in Bethlehem.

The child had been born some time before they would actually see Him, but that didn’t stop them. They wanted to see Him for themselves. They wanted to discover the truth of HIs coming. I want to join them; I want to start out the first day after Christmas on a journey that is unforgettable. Like those ancient travelers, I want to be intentional about searching for something that is truly life changing. For most of us, it’s simple. We can hear the stories, attend churches, and discover the Spirit of God anytime we choose. But will we? Will we choose to step aside from the world, move closer to the Light so we can see for ourselves the gift of God’s grace and mercy?

The first day after Christmas is a good time to set out on your faith journey. God already sees you and beckons you to come. He’s holding the door to the new you, ready to walk beside you the rest of the way, all the way into eternity. Perhaps this is the best gift you can give yourself the day after Christmas. Simply surrender your heart, open your eyes and see all that God has done in your life already. He continues to lead you; He continues to wait for you. He continues to love you.

As that ancient philosopher Lao Tzu once wrote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  The journey of faith will carry you from here to heaven.

Those who are wise still seek Him!