One of my favorite books to write was one I called “Every Day Is Mother’s Day.” The idea of the book was the reminder that once you become a mother, you are always a mother. You don’t take a leave of absence from being a mother. You don’t get paid for being a mother. You don’t stop being a mother just because your precious toddlers grow up to become awesome adults. Once a mother, always a mother!

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or not, moms everywhere do their best to raise little human beings into responsible and loving adults. It’s not an easy task, but it brings countless rewards, along with a few sighs and surprises.

Obviously, mom could drive a tractor, or be an astronaut, or be the President of the United States if she wanted to. Every mom has amazing talents that make a difference in the family dynamics. Some moms bake great cookies, and some moms serve the family best by avoiding the kitchen altogether. Some moms can trim your hair even without a bowl on your head, and some moms should just head for the salon. Moms are everything from movers and shakers to good-deed-doers and each one puts her own spin on motherhood. 

Whether your mom would win awards for her endless skills and attributes in raising you or not, there are a few things to consider. Your mom took on the whole role of motherhood with nothing to go on but the love she felt for you the moment you arrived. Nobody said it would be easy, or that you would be tough to handle sometimes. Nobody said she’d be perfect at every decision she made and every method she used to mold and shape you. She did the best she could with whatever she had learned from her own mother because she couldn’t look up every question that ever arose on FB or see if the Internet offered solutions. She may have been a puzzle to figure out at times, or she may have been a star in her own right, but the thing that makes her unique is that she’s yours!

God put you in your mother’s arms for a reason, perhaps for her, perhaps for you, or more likely, for you both. If your mom is still with you today embrace her with everything you’ve got. If she isn’t, think of her with great love and remember the gifts she gave you simply by being the person she was. She’s worthy of celebration, praise, and something chocolate. 

God said we should honor our mothers and fathers, so, bless your mom and thank God for all she is to you. There’s no one else quite like her!