Most of us are curious and inquisitive. It’s important for us to know why something must be done, or why we should think a certain way. In fact, we are easily irritated if it takes someone too long to get to the point of any conversation. Of course, time is a factor, because we never imagine we have enough of it, but what else drives this need? How do we understand the point of life?

We may assume life has something to do with the things we achieve, or the status we bear. We imagine if we work hard enough, create an accumulation of things, and are generally kind to others, we will see life through a positive lens.  Therefore, what we achieve or what we do must be the point of life.

The problem is that over time we recognize life has little to do with what we become, or what we achieve. Those things alone are simply one measure, so Life must have another point altogether.  When we put God into our story, we see that the point of life is about what we allow God to do with our time and talents. If we give God room to guide our steps and give us the knowledge we need, then we discover our achievements have everything to do with Him, and little to do with us. After all, He inspired our hearts, gave us our gifts, and opened doors for us. The more we know God, the more determined we are to get to His point. We want to understand His purpose and plan, His intentional design for us. 

Some of us still don’t understand the point. We want it to be made clear, set in stone, or black and white. Of course, if we think about it, we know it has been set in stone, in black and white, in “lossless” audio, in UHD, and nearly any way God can reach us. The more we move away from the attitude of, “I can do all things,” and adopt an attitude of, ” I can do all things through Christ,” the greater will be our life experience. We won’t care as much about what’s in our trophy case, as about what God has done for us and within us.

So, to repeat an old adage, “We are not human doings, but human beings.” We are striving to be all that God knows we are meant to be.

That means the point of life isn’t about our humanness, but about our holiness. 

I think I need to ponder that point. 

Blessings to you!