As a long-time greeting card writer, I’ve had the chance to write a lot of birthday cards. It’s an assignment that can seem fairly simple as you write the first dozen or so, but if you have to write twenty-five, let’s say, it becomes a different project. It causes you to have to really think about what it means to people at various ages to celebrate another birthday. When you’re three like my grandson, Morgan, you ask your mom to make an excavator cake and she does! I’ve got pictures! Whew! If you’re going for a milestone birthday, like any of those that end in zero, you’re pretty good until they move past the 4-0 and the 5-0 and maybe the 6-0. One of my dear friends just passed the 8-0, and I have another who will soon reach 1-0-0. 

Of course, we all appreciate the benefits of birthdays because it means we’re ready to celebrate another year, and the older we get, the more we appreciate life. So what are birthdays besides milestones and chances to blow out birthday candles and open gifts from the people who love us? I think they are chances to really celebrate all that we have, and all that God has done for us. They are an opportunity to pull up a cozy chair and make a note of the things that were special just this past year. They are an opportunity to reflect on where we want to go from here. My thought is that as long as we’re breathing, then there’s more for us to do, more that God intends for us. After all, we don’t get to go home until our work is done. 

If you haven’t thought about any of this lately, let me remind you of why you are so special. You are special in every way, because there is absolutely no one who is just like you. You are unique and God designed you with great pleasure and purpose. He knew what you came to this planet to do, and He’s been applauding you and upholding you and guiding you every step of the way. He sees everything you’ve done and all you’ve tried to do and He’s so proud. You are some of His best handiwork! 

If you aren’t sure about all that, then just look at where you are and where you want to be and blow out one birthday candle with gratitude. After that, blow out one that frees you of those crazy things you’ve long ago been forgiven. Blow out the one that wants to hold you back, and the one that shines for all you’ve learned. Blow out the one that stands for love. Oh wait, it relit itself. 

Your birthday is not only important to you, but also to everyone who has come to know you and love you, and who has been blessed by your presence in their lives. Remember that the God of all that’s possible is doing a happy dance on your birthday and looking forward to what you’ll do next.

Happy Birthday, to our dear friend, Robert! 

And Happy Birthday when your day comes around again, because you mean the world to more people than you know.