The past couple years have been amazing. Who would have thought we’d volunteer to miss work, miss school, and miss our families? Who could have predicted the obstacles we’d have to overcome? We may have even felt like we had to push a rock uphill with every morning sunrise. Though most of these sobering events surprised us, they didn’t surprise God. He knew everything we’d face. This idea makes me wonder what God might have hoped we would learn from Covid-19.

Of course, we can’t presume to know the mind of God, but we may be able to imagine possible outcomes. Since I’m not a theologian, I’ll just give you a list from Karen’s notebook of some of the things I learned from this experience.

It is more clear to me than ever before that God is in control! He’s in control of politics and religion, and industry and entertainment. He’s in control of our daily activities and we can either be glad about that, or we can keep pushing a rock uphill. I am choosing to be glad.

I learned that “He’s got the whole world in His hands” is more than a song I love to belt out when I drive the car. It’s a promise! It’s the one thing that is a constant. As He was in the beginning, so He is still.

I recognize that He wants me to be quiet, intentional about talking with Him. He wants me to stop running around like the whole world is on my shoulders, and let Him be God. He wants me to know He is always there.

I believe He wants me to remember all He has done in the past to renew my spirit and strengthen my steps. He’s never asked me to push a boulder up a hill. He’s simply been with me when I tried to do so.

God wants me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him.  He wants me to stop struggling to overcome life, and simply embrace all that He has for me.

He wants us all to know how much He loves us. If all you see are boulders, look again.