“He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.”

Micah 4:2, NIV


Sometimes I question what God might want from me at this point in my life. I wrestle with those thoughts and wonder if I’m way short of the mark, or the goals He wanted me to achieve. Then I consider how often God has shown up in my life and truly directed my steps. I am quite certain I could not have orchestrated the things that brought me to where I am today.

Recently, I was finishing my morning devotions, and I prayed God would help me pick a selection from my new book, It’s Still Possible.  I usually read one entry from the book as I finish my prayers.

I asked God whether the little things I’ve done to shine His light make any difference. I also asked what I should do from here. I randomly turned to entry number 48 which is called, “In Praise of Little Things.” Even before I read the entry, I couldn’t help smiling at the title since this was the question I had asked. The book said, “When God invites us to follow Him, He helps us discover new and important truths about ourselves. He takes the little things we can do and changes them into big acts of faith. Jesus certainly did that with some uneducated fisherman and a few others, in His day. As we begin to follow Him, He opens new doors, showing us exactly what to do with our skills and talents.  It turns out that with God’s help our little efforts become big ones. If we helped someone else catch a glimpse of God and moved them closer to the kingdom, we’re on the right track. That’s all God wants from us.

So here’s what else I got out of that prayer time. I don’t need to know how big or small or effective something might be that I do for God, because He does. He can enlarge it, magnify it, or cause it to give birth to a whole new blessing, not just for me, but for His children everywhere. So, wherever I am, my job is to hold up the light. God will bless whatever I do for Him. After all, He equipped me to do the job. All He is asking is that I do it. I think that’s what He wants from each of us and as long as we have air in our lungs and abilities to bless those around us, we can keep doing what He wants.

Let’s remind each other often that we have work to do, stories to tell, and opportunities that were set up especially for us to serve the One who knows us intimately. He will keep teaching us to walk in His paths all the days of our lives. Those little things you do for the good of others, make a big difference. May you be blessed beyond measure!