Some years ago, my husband worked with a cartoonist named Al Hartley. You may remember him from the Archie Comics series or the days when he worked with Stan Lee developing Marvel characters that are still around today. Ultimately, Hartley tuned in to God’s frequency and developed the Archie Christian comics series. He created the artwork you see represented here as a gift to Bruce. Since it hangs in our house today, I’ve had many chances to appreciate Hartley’s work. Of course, I was a fan of Archie, Betty, and Veronica, and Jughead.

As I have pondered this drawing, I can’t help but think that this picture is a great illustration of the way some of us search for God. We look to nature and the vast sea of possibilities that may well shine a light on God’s existence, only to find ourselves looking and looking, but not really seeing anything. For some reason we might not be able to define, we hope we might somehow get a glimpse of the One who created everything around us.

Others of us, are pretty sure God just isn’t there. We stand firm in our unbelief, convinced by our own intellect that God is a myth. We see believers as those who just can’t face reality. We look, but we simply don’t see anything that is convincing. 

A few of us are really the luckier ones, the blessed ones, in the view of this writer. After all, we didn’t really know how to look for God. We looked, but weren’t sure what we’d find. We stopped looking because we were too blind to see. Despite our efforts or lack of efforts, God showed up anyway. He planted Himself right behind us, making it very clear He was there and pushed our doubts aside. He knew we were helpless to find Him and so He just showed up when we least expected it. 

Hartley probably didn’t have this in mind, when he created this amazing piece of artwork featuring my husband’s three children. However, it strikes me as an awesome example of the way God does things. He makes us curious about Him and hopes we’ll see that He exists in all things. He steps back when we want to be in control and lets us believe we can stand under our own power. Of course, He knows eventually we will figure out He’s right there, right beside us. He always has been, and always will be.

If you’re still trying to figure out where God is today, you might look around, or you might look within. If you’re really ready to find Him, then look up, or turn around and you’ll see Him standing right there beside you. After all, He is the fisher of men and women, and you, and me. 

Blessings to you today.