It feels good when you receive an unexpected favor, when someone provides a helping hand just when you need it.

Scripture tells us to count our blessings, but what things should we count?

You may not count the simple everyday things, but Covid 19 reminded us not to take anything for granted. Who would have thought we’d struggle to buy toilet paper?

How can you bless others? One writer put it this way. “Give strength, give thought, give deeds, give wealth. Give love, give tears, and give yourself…the more you give, the more you live.” Wow!

Give strength: On any given day, someone you know feels weak or depressed or lonely. They think life is nothing but struggle. Your kindness will give them strength.

Give thought: Imagine that you send an encouraging text, or make a friendly phone call, or open a door for someone by simply sharing a helpful idea. Your thoughts make a difference.

Give deeds: You may discount things you do for others, shrugging them off as nothing, but your good deeds make life easier and keep hope alive.

Give wealth: If you’re on the downside of financial stability, always working hard, yet barely making ends meet, life feels like a losing battle. Your generosity is the blessing that makes life feel victorious again.

Give love: Loving others seems like the easy one, but God knows how hard it can be. That’s why it bears the greatest risk and reward.

Give tears: If you’ve ever cried with a friend, or grieved with someone in great pain, you know what a blessing shared tears can be. Even Jesus wept.

Finally, each time you offer others your authentic, generous, and thoughtful self, you make a difference. You become the blessing.

God blesses you every time you choose to honor one of His children.